Oldtime fiddling and other folk music : Weiser 1970. Vol. 2

Various artists

Label:Custom CR 310
Release Date:1970
Country:United States

Song Information:

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B-14. Tulsa waltzByron Berline 2:56
B-13. Beaumont ragVivian Williams 0:44
B-12. Acorn HillRay Krogstadt 0:53
B-11. Barber shop ragCleo Persinger 1:25
B-10. Sleepy JoeAmos Chase 1:08
B-9. Cotton patch ragJ. C. Broughton 1:26
B-8. Cripple CreekCountry Blue Boys 1:00
B-7. Points pack reelBoyce Stuckey 1:04
B-6. Dill pickle ragDick Barrett 1:17
B-5. Billy in the low groundVivian Skeans 0:54
B-4. Shannon waltzRonald West 1:33
B-3. Lady's fancyDwayne Youngblood 0:57
B-2. White rose waltzVirg Evans 2:03
B-1. Ragtime Annie1:06
A-13. Wednesday night waltzLoyd Wanzer 2:29
A-12. Still on the hillGene Wilhite 0:52
A-11. Alabama jubileeTown & Country Boys 1:42
A-10. Mississippi sawyerAllen MacDonald 1:26
A-9. Lone star ragDean Trammell 0:58
A-8. Blue Valley waltzJohn Francis 1:12
A-7. RachelJim Widner 1:17
A-6. Green green grass of homeBill Yohey 1:43
A-5. Button the bridge downJana Grief 1:17
A-4. Blue berry schottischeAlvin Sanderson 1:10
A-3. Gold and silver waltzJunior Daugherty 1:50
A-2. Red apple ragByron Berline 1:12
A-1. Weiser waltzDon Gish & Rusty Modrell 1:54