Oldtime fiddling & other folk music, Weiser, Idaho 1972

Various artists

Label:Custom CD 322
Release Date:1972
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Clarinet polkaDick Barrett 1:45
A-2. Go home with the girls in the morningEarl Jennings 0:49
A-3. Band "B" ragJ. C. Broughton 1:13
A-4. I don't love nobodyThe Jim Shupe Family 1:38
A-5. Oldtime schottischeRay Park 1:14
A-6. Sidewalk waltzBill Yohey 1:22
A-7. Here's to the ladiesPatsy Buckley 0:55
A-8. Orange Blossom SpecialJohn Francis 3:17
A-9. Jesse polkaBill Long 1:36
A-10. Freddies jigJohn Givens 0:54
A-11. Gold & silver waltzLoretta Brank 1:33
A-12. Peacock ragVivian Skeans 0:47
A-13. Twinkle, twinkle little starBill Mitchell 1:42
B-1. Countrymen's reelJohn Francis 1:20
B-2. Hot foot ragCarl Hazelwood 0:54
B-3. Kansas City railroad bluesTall Timber String Band 2:10
B-4. Crapshooters ragJunior Daugherty 1:37
B-5. Chauffers polkaL. M. Sexsmith 1:11
B-6. Angus CampbellHank Bell 0:55
B-7. Soppin' gravyRoy Lee Cowan 0:54
B-8. Devil among the tailorsLeo Murphy 1:05
B-9. Dixie breakdownTown & Country Boys 1:56
B-10. Black & white ragBenny Thomasson 2:10
B-11. Durange hornpipeDelbert McGrath 0:40
B-12. Morning star waltzDuane Youngblood 1:33
B-13. TugboatDick Barrett 0:46