Sugarland Run

U.S. Navy Country Current

Label:U.S. Navy Recruiting Command ?
Release Date:1995
Country:United States

Song Information:

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18. Every time it snows3:23
Composer:Wayne Taylor
17. Sugarland Run2:06
Composer:Keith Arneson
16. I'm gonna be (500 miles)2:47
Composer:Craig Reid-Charlie Reid
15. Prisoner's song3:44
Composer:Guy Massey
14. Heart of Caroline2:39
Composer:Wayne Taylor
13. I've waited as long as I can2:59
Composer:Frank Brown
12. A good woman's love3:12
Composer:Cy Coben
11. Big spike hammer2:42
Composer:Bobby Osborne-Pete Goble
10. Little whitewashed chimney2:29
Composer:Bill Clifton
9. I'm so lonesome I could cry3:15
Composer:Hank Williams
8. High on a mountaintop3:47
Composer:Ola Belle Reed
7. Hey good lookin'3:35
Composer:Hank Williams
6. Sweet baby James3:49
Composer:James Taylor
5. Down in the boondocks3:12
Composer:Joe South
4. Oh lonesome me2:39
Composer:Don Gibson
3. King of broken hearts3:11
Composer:Jim Lauderdale
2. City of New Orleans4:55
Composer:Sonny Boy Williamson
1. Rocky Top2:53
Composer:Boudleaux & Felice Bryant