U.S. Navy Country Current

Label:Unknown ?
Release Date:2004
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Heartland3:15
Composer:John Bettis-Steve Dorff
2. That'd be alright3:22
Composer:Mark D. Sanders-Tia Sellers-Tim Nichols
3. Dim lights, thick smoke4:11
Composer:Max Fidler-Joe Maphis-Rose Lee Maphis
4. American child3:16
Composer:Craig Wiseman-Phil Vassar
5. The fox2:40
Composer:Sean Watkins-Sara Watkins-Chris Thile
6. Big city3:00
Composer:M. Haggard-D. Holloway
7. Living and living well3:14
Composer:Tom Shapiro-Tony Martin-Mark Nesler
8. Raisin' the dickens3:22
Composer:Buddy Emmons
9. Heart of Caroline2:34
Composer:Wayne Taylor
10. Appaloosa2:37
Composer:Wayne Taylor
11. I'll go steppin'2:44
Composer:Tom James-Jerry Organ
12. Golden hair2:37
Composer:Wayne Taylor
13. Molly and Tenbrooks3:27
Composer:Bill Monroe
14. Miles and miles of Texas3:24
Composer:Diana Johnson-Thomas Camfield
15. I'm already there4:10
Composer:Richie McDonal-Gary Baker-Frank Meyers
16. Take it easy3:16
Composer:Jackson Brown-Glenn Frey
17. Six days on the road3:12
Composer:Boxcar Willie
18. God bless the USA3:43
Composer:Lee Greenwood
19. For the good times5:08
Composer:Kris Kristofferson