Havin' a ball

U.S. Navy Country Current

Label:U.S. Navy Recruiting Command ?
Release Date:1999
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Is there anybody going to San Antone2:56
Composer:Dave Kirby-Glen Martin
2. Mercury blues3:31
Composer:K.C. Douglas-Robert L. Geddings; BMI
3. Ain't nobody gonna miss me when I'm gone2:20
Composer:Lester Flatt-Martin Christian; BMI
4. When did you stop loving me4:12
Composer:Monty Holmes-Donny Rees; BMI
5. A walk in the Irish rain2:44
Composer:Steve Spurgin; BMI
6. Hello trouble1:47
Composer:Eddie McDuff-Orville Couch; BMI
7. Havin' a ball3:26
Composer:Wayne Taylor
8. Don't take her, she's all I got3:42
Composer:Jerry Williams-Gary Bonds; BMI
9. Last thing on my mind3:13
Composer:Tom Paxton; ASCAP
10. Douglas the dog3:44
Composer:Keith Arneson
11. Love grows wild3:01
Composer:Buddy Miller-Judy Miller; BMI
12. When you say nothing at all3:59
Composer:Paul Overstreet-Don Schlitz; ASCAP-BMI
13. The old home place3:03
Composer:Dean Webb-Mitchell Jayne; ASCAP
14. Georgia4:06
Composer:H. Carmichael-S. Gorell; BMI
15. Highway 40 blues2:56
Composer:Larry Cordle; ASCAP
16. Tumbling tumbleweeds2:52
Composer:Bob Nolan; ASCAP
17. Louisiana Saturday night3:29
Composer:Bob McDill; ASCAP