United States Navy salutes the Grand Ole Opry

U.S. Navy Country Current

Label:U.S. Navy Recruiting Command FPV 74194
Release Date:1975
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Cryin' holy
Vocals:Eddie Davidson-L
A-2. Cripple Creek
Instruments:Bill Emerson-bj
Vocals:Vocal quartet
A-3. Back home again
Composer:John Denver; ASCAP
Vocals:Diana Trask-L
A-4. Orange Blossom Special
Composer:Ervin Rose [sic]; ASCAP
Instruments:Bill Emerson-bj; Bob Kaufmann-f
B-1. Lovin' her was easier
Composer:K. Kristofferson; BMI
Vocals:Eddie Davidson-L
B-2. Oh boy
Vocals:Diana Trask-L
B-3. Your cheatin' heart
Composer:Hank Williams; Acuff-Rose, Inc., BMI
Vocals:Ben Winter-L
B-4. Paddy on the turnpike
Instruments:Bob Kaufmann-f