Perfect companions

High Country (California)

Label:Squirty SR 013
Release Date:2009
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2011-04
County Sales:#304

Song Information:

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1. Downhearted2:37
2. Alabama waltz3:32
3. A cold winter sun3:42
4. Last old dollar2:35
5. Perfect companions3:57
6. Butch's blues3:54
7. Back in my arms3:05
8. You live in a world all your own2:47
9. Sweet Mary and the miles in between4:00
10. Highway of pain3:58
11. Last old shovel2:43
12. Uncle Pen medley6:09
13. With body and soul4:46
14. Just how blue your blue can be3:10
15. That home far away2:29