They're holding up the ladder

Bill Jones & the Bluegrass Travelers

Label:Ozark Opry NR 13473
Release Date:1982-01-10
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. They're holding up the ladder2:35
Composer:Easter Bros.
A-2. Take me in the lifeboat2:25
Composer:F. Southern
A-3. Sunny side of life2:14
A-4. Had it not been2:37
Composer:Rusty Goodman
A-5. Glory to His name2:35
A-6. Come on dear Lord and get me2:07
Composer:Marion W. Easterling
B-1. Where would I be2:13
B-2. What have you done for Jesus2:43
Composer:J. McDonough
B-3. Jesus savior pilot me2:37
Composer:Edward Hopper-J.E. Gould
B-4. Forgive me dear Lord2:30
Composer:Bobby Fox
B-5. How great thou art2:39
Composer:George Beverly Shea
B-6. Jordon1:55
Composer:Ruth Franks