J'Anna Jacoby

Label:Paradise VC 4832
Release Date:1978
Country:United States ID: 8859483

Song Information:

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A-1. Orange Blossom Special2:10
A-2. Yellow rose of Texas2:55
A-3. Sally Johnson1:42
A-4. There came an old man to my daddy's door1:25
A-5. Black and white rag2:05
A-6. Carnival waltz1:55
A-7. Peach blossom1:30
B-1. Blackberry blossom2:40
B-2. When I need you2:20
B-3. Grey eagle1:30
B-4. Herman's rag1:40
B-5. Mark's waltz2:05
B-6. Say old man can you play the fiddle?2:00
B-7. Don't rock the bow / New country2:20