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The Lonesome Pine Fiddlers

Label:Gusto GT7 2130-2
Release Date:2009-07-02
Country:United States
County Sales:#306
   Amazon ASIN: B003HBGXJ6

Song Information:

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1. Coal dust blues2:28
2. Bringin' in the Georgia mail1:54
3. All by myself3:19
4. Road hog red2:04
5. Lost girl1:49
6. What makes a man wander1:48
7. Death came creeping in my room2:31
8. Too hot to handle1:49
9. Hobo blues2:09
10. Precious jewel3:15
11. Hello Mr. Banjo2:40
12. Old Reuben2:10
13. Y'all come2:04
14. Old homestead ain't so homey anymore2:22