The very things you treasure : 24 bluegrass songs of faith & family

Various artists

Label:Lonesome Day LDR-CD017
Release Date:2010
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2010-05
County Sales:#305

Song Information:

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24. He aroseBlue Moon Rising
23. Father, son & Holy GhostErnie Thacker
22. All aloneSteve Gulley
21. Get on the pathDarrell Webb
20. Holy mannaBlue Moon Rising
19. Meet you in Heaven some dayJeff Parker
18. Prepare to meet thy GodSteve Gulley
17. Where glory can be foundRick Bartley
16. Two roads to travelJeff Parker
15. Workin' in the vineyardsSam Wilson
14. RevivalBlue Moon Rising
13. Big rock in the roadSteve Gulley
12. Little piece of landErnie Thacker
11. Good time for going homeBlue Moon Rising
10. Live like my grandaddyRick Bartley
9. My whole world (in His hands)Lou Reid & Carolina
8. Church by the side of the roadJeff Parker
7. Handmade nails & homemade loveRandy Kohrs
6. How he'd like to go back nowRick Bartley
5. A visit with an uncleLarry Cordle
4. Papaw taught meBlue Moon Rising
3. Momma preached & Daddy plowedErnie Thacker
2. Thank you Father for my DadDarrell Webb
1. Moms are the reason wildflowers growRalph Stanley II