Our Lord is coming

Rev. John Wacker & Rev. Clarence Hammond

Label:Jessup MB 120
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Prayer0:53
Composer:Rev. Epperson
A-2. Warning0:19
Composer:Rev. Wacker
A-3. In the great triumphant morning3:21
Composer:R.E. Winsett
A-4. We shall see the king3:02
Composer:J.B. Vaughn
A-5. Will Jesus find us watching3:49
Composer:D.J. Crosby-W.H. Doane
A-6. Deliverance will come2:20
A-7. We're living in the last days now3:14
A-8. Will the circle be unbroken3:00
B-1. Prayer0:54
Composer:Rev. Hammond
B-2. I'm longing to go2:34
B-3. Hold the fort3:03
B-4. When the good Lord says good morning1:55
B-5. I saw the light2:31
B-6. Where we'll never grow old3:07
B-7. He's coming soon4:50