2009 Looking back

California Ramblers

Label:No label TCR 0012010
Release Date:2010
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2010-08

Song Information:

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1. Do you feel the same tonight2:20
Composer:Joey Tippett
2. Just suppose3:30
Composer:Ira Louvin-Charlie Louvin
3. Don't lie to me2:38
Composer:Red Allen
4. When the golden leaves begin to fall4:11
Composer:Albert Prince
5. Live and let live2:50
Composer:Gene Sullivan-Wiley Walker
6. Heart aches of life2:22
Composer:Trampas Goldsmith
7. My better years3:59
Composer:Hazel Dickens
8. Hello city limits2:21
Composer:Benny Martin-Johnny Elgin
9. This old house3:07
Composer:Joey Tippett
10. Give mother my crown2:31
Composer:W. Bailes
11. Looking back2:54
Composer:Joey Tippett
12. Theme time2:44
Composer:Paul Williams-Bill Emerson-Jimmy Martin
13. With body and soul2:52
Composer:Virginia Stauffer
14. One more chance2:41
Composer:Joey Tippett