Becky Schlegel

Label:Lilly Ray LRR 901
Release Date:2010
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2010-09
   Amazon ASIN: B00376AVPI
   Google Play: Bjc6u7ck5ypfdo65bh7xymfdp5u

Song Information:

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1. Anna3:35
2. Dandelion3:24
3. Colorado Line4:48
4. Nowhere bound4:04
5. I never loved you cowboy3:56
6. I never needed you4:45
7. So embarassing4:00
8. The way you are4:39
9. Don't leave it up to me4:17
10. When it rains3:39
11. Cincinnati2:45
12. Reunion3:51
13. If I were a poet2:27