Lightning from the north

.357 String Band

Label:Pistols Beat Aces No #
Release Date:2010
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2010-07 ID: 5373948
   Amazon ASIN: B003AT99UU
   Google Play: B3yisekkmfjlq5pf3z3nnfg756e

Song Information:

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1. Lightning from the north2:43
2. Dust devil2:54
3. Milwaukee, here I come2:22
4. Darkness in my soul2:58
5. Half tank of gas, full tank of lies2:26
6. Oh, Adilene3:07
7. The harvest is past2:15
8. Head under my heel6:37
9. Rags to rags2:26
10. The days engrave4:30
11. You better run2:04
12. And all the world turns gray2:30
13. Ride again3:18
14. Til peace or hell3:18