Sunday morning in the valley : featuring Mac Wiseman

Various artists

Label:Mandolin MP 2107
Release Date:2009
Country:United States
County Sales:#305

Song Information:

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19. Live by the side of the roadMac Wiseman
18. What a friend we have in JesusMac Wiseman
17. Light at the riverShenandoah Valley Quartet
16. Some of these daysShenandoah Valley Quartet
15. Welcome tableShenandoah Valley Quartet
14. Amazing graceBonnie Lou & Buster
13. Matthew 24Bonnie Lou & Buster
12. When the roll is called up yonderJohn Lair & the Renfro Valley Boys
11. Take me back to the Renfro ValleyJohn Lair & the Renfro Valley Boys
10. Precious memoriesJohn Lair & the Renfro Valley Boys
9. Driftwood on the riverJohn Lair & the Renfro Valley Boys
8. In the valley / Time stands stillJohn Lair & the Renfro Valley Boys
7. When you and I were young MaggieJohn Lair & the Renfro Valley Boys
6. Thank the Lord for everythingShenandoah Valley Quartet
5. How can you refuse Him now?Shenandoah Valley Quartet
4. Home on highShenandoah Valley Quartet
3. When they call reveilleMac Wiseman
2. Hold fast to the rightMac Wiseman
1. Long agoMac Wiseman