Bluegrass special

Various artists

Label:Country Road CR-8T 101
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Lee Highway rambleKen Clark
2. Log cabin in the laneJim Eanes
3. Nobody but youJim & Jesse and the Virginia Boys
4. New freedom bellCountry Gentlemen 2:30
Recording Date:1959-06-30
Composer:Louise Osborne
Place:Capitol Transcriptions, Washington, DC
Instruments:Charlie Waller-g; Eddie Adcock-bj; John Duffey-m/db; Tom Gray-sb; [Mike Seeger-autoharp]
Vocals:J. Duffey-LV/TC; C. Waller-LC; E. Adcock-B
5. Reno boundBuzz Busby
6. CelebrationJim Eanes
7. Are you alone?Bill Clifton
8. Eatin' out of your handBill Harrell
9. In Heaven we'll never grow oldStanley Brothers
10. Hey little girlCountry Gentlemen 2:48
Recording Date:1958-11-06
Place:Ben Adelman's, Washington, DC
Instruments:Charlie Waller-g; John Duffey-m; Bill Emerson-bj; John Hall-f; Roy Self-sb
Vocals:J. Duffey-LV/TC; B. Emerson-B; C. Waller-LC