Up the neck

Tyler Grant

Label:Grant Central GCR001
Release Date:2010-06-14
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2010-11
County Sales:#311
   Amazon ASIN: B003VW3G1O

Song Information:

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1. Springtime flatpicking2:36
2. Funky Boulder5:09
3. Witch Creek3:53
4. Forked deer2:02
5. Desert flatpicking5:46
6. I don't love nobody2:14
7. Bill Frisell4:07
8. Beaumont rag2:02
9. President Garfield's hornpipe3:47
10. Chris Pandolfi3:24
11. Lady of the lake3:26
12. Hippie guitar4:53
13. Cache la poudre5:58
14. A-112:55