Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 6

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 006
Release Date:1993-11-02
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. No returnThe Traditional Grass (Ohio) 2:22
Composer:Charles M. Rader; CMR Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Mark Rader-g; Joe Mullins-bj; Gerald Evans, Jr.-m; Paul Mullins-f; Mike Clevenger-sb
Vocals:Mark Rader-L; Joe Mullins-HB; Gerald Evans, Jr.-T
2. Once more from the bottomCharlie Sizemore 2:05
Composer:Charlie Sizemore-David Kent; Paul Craft Music, BMI
Instruments:Charlie Sizemore-g; Larry Beasley-bj; Glen Duncan-f; Ricky Reece-m; Heath Van Winkle-sb
Vocals:Charlie Sizemore-L/H; Keith Little-H
3. John MurrellThe Andy Owens Project 3:35
Composer:Steve Hartz; Mystery Ridge Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Andy Owens-m; Mike Jump-g; Reggie Rueffer-f; Jeff Scroggins-bj; Jordan McBride-bs
Vocals:Andy Owens-L; Mike Jump-T; Reggie Rueffer-B
4. The storms are on the oceanLarry Perkins 3:27
Composer:A. P. Carter; Peer International Corp.
Instruments:Larry Perkins-lead g; Gary Williamson-rhythm g; Alisa Jones-Wall-hammered dulcimer; Terry Eldredge-sb
Vocals:Bobby Osborne-L/H; Alison Krauss-L/H
5. GroundspeedJohn McEuen 2:22
Composer:Earl Scruggs; Peer International Publishing Corp., BMI
Instruments:John McEuen-bj; David Grier-g; Stuart Duncan-f; Sam Bush-m; Josh Graves-db; Roy Huskey, Jr.-sb
6. Before we arriveDeadbeat Society 3:12
Composer:David Mosher; DBS Music
Instruments:David Mosher-g; Colby Maddox-m; Tim Farnham-bj; Roy Elder-bs
Vocals:David Mosher-L; Colby Maddox-H
7. A whiter shade of palePsychograss 4:53
Composer:K. Reid-G. Brooker; Essex Music, Inc.
Instruments:Mike Marshall-g/m; Darol Anger-f; Todd Phillips-sb; Joe Craven-percussion
Vocals:Tim O'Brien-L
8. Miner's prayerRalph Stanley & Dwight Yoakam 3:10
Composer:Dwight Yoakam; Coal Dust Music, BMI
Instruments:Ralph Stanley-bj; Dwight Yoakam-rhythm g; Junior Blankenship-lead g; Dudley Connell-rhythm g; Curly Ray Cline-f; Art Stamper-f; Ernie Thacker-m; Jack Cook-sb
Vocals:Dwight Yoakam-L; Ralph Stanley-T
9. Old familiar songLouisa Branscomb 3:26
Composer:Louisa Branscomb; Millwheel Music, BMI
Instruments:Louisa Branscomb-g/m; Scott Vestal-bj; Randy Howard-f; Dede Vogt-sb
Vocals:Cyndi Craven-L/T; Louisa Branscomb-B
10. Jason's jumpDeadbeat Society 3:23
Composer:Tim Farnham
Instruments:David Mosher-g; Tim Farnham-bj; Colby Maddox-m; Roy Elder-bs
11. Louis CollinsLarry Perkins 4:09
Composer:Mississippi John Hurt; Zap Publishing/Wynwood Music
Instruments:Larry Perkins-lead g; Mac Wiseman-rhythm g; Glen Duncan-slap g; Billy Rose-bs
Vocals:Mac Wiseman-L
12. Back homeCharlie Sizemore 3:04
Composer:Charlie Sizemore; Paul Craft Music, BMI
Instruments:Charlie Sizemore-g; Larry Beasley-bj; Glen Duncan-f; Bobby Clark-m; Heath Van Winkle-sb
Vocals:Charlie Sizemore-L; Don Rigsby-T
13. Santa Claus is coming to townRandall Hylton 1:45
Composer:Fred Coots-Haven Gillespie; EMI Music/Haven Gillespie Music
Instruments:Randall Hylton-g