By popular demand

Roy Crockett & the Pleasant Valley Boys

Label:Lemco 613
Release Date:1973
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1973-09

Song Information:

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A-1. Two little boys2:57
A-2. Angels are singing in heaven tonight3:15
Composer:C. Stanley
A-3. Sharecroppers son2:05
Composer:Stanley Bros.
A-4. Willie Roy3:23
Composer:Doc Williams
A-5. Big country2:30
Composer:V. Derrick-J. Martin
A-6. Rock of ages2:35
B-1. Bringing Mary home3:28
B-2. Amelia Earhart2:15
B-3. Think of what you've done2:18
Composer:C. Stanley
B-4. Clinch Mountain backstep1:37
Composer:Ruby Rakes
B-5. Old Slewfoot3:12
B-6. Goin' up2:13
Composer:Gosdin Bros.