Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 25

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 025
Release Date:1997-01-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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12. Poppy Mountain themeTouch of Grass 2:58
Composer:Marty Stevens; Poppy Mountain Music
Instruments:Jack Lewis-g; Carter Brickey-f/m; Sandy Knipp-bj; Dean Johnson-bs
Vocals:Jack Lewis-L; Carter Brickey-T; Sandy Knipp-bj
11. Rank strangerJoe Isaacs, Family & Friends 3:11
Composer:Albert Brumley; Stamps-Baxter Music, BMI
Instruments:Joe Isaacs-bj; Ricky Skaggs-lead g/rhythm g/m; Ben Isaacs-sb; Vernon Derrick-f
Vocals:Joe Isaacs-L; Ricky Skaggs-T; Ben Isaacs-B; Shelton Feazell-BS
10. Tonight CarmenThe Tylers & Tippecanoe 4:11
Composer:Marty Robbins; Unichappel Music/Rightsong Music
Instruments:Billy Parker-g/m; Bobby Anderson-bj; Peggy Anderson-db; Robert Beene-bs
Vocals:Joe Tyler-L; Dee Tyler-T; Kathy Tyler-B
9. Wild rainGlen Harlow 2:07
Composer:Glen Harlow; Glen Harlow Publishing
Instruments:Glen Harlow-m; Rick Barker-g; Rick Powers-bj; Kevin Jackson-f; Tim Compton-bs
Vocals:Glen Harlow-L/H
8. Please mommy pleaseNorthcoast Bluegrass 5:23
Composer:Elmer Spence; Oyster Bay Music, BMI
Instruments:Derek Sparkman-g; Randy Thomas-m; Sterling Sexton-bs
Vocals:Dan Spence-LV/TC; Derek Sparkman-LC; Randy Thomas-B
7. Don't play no sad songsTouch of Grass 2:55
Composer:Sandy Knipp; Poppy Mountain Music
Instruments:Jack Lewis-g; Carter Brickley-m; Sandy Knipp-bj; Dean Johnson-bs
Vocals:Jack Lewis-L; Carter Brickley-T; Sandy Knipp-B
6. NebuchadnezzarWes Homner & Mountain Therapy 3:22
Composer:Wes Hommer; Buckhorn Music, BMI
Instruments:Wes Homner-m; Jim Metz-bj; Jay Ed Moore-g; Ray Sponaugle-f; Blaine Douglas-bs
Vocals:Wes Homner-L; Jim Metz-T; Jay Ed Moore-B
5. It wasn't youEndless Highway 2:42
Composer:Dan Tyminski; Doobie Shea Music, BMI
Instruments:Scott Anderson-bj; Gave Valla-g; Greg Turner-m; Mike Hyde-bs
Vocals:Scott Anderson-L/T; Gabe Valla-B
4. Age of innocenceKate MacKenzie 2:59
Composer:Bill Giese-Kate MacKenzie
Instruments:Nick Forster-g; Tony Furtado-bj; Stuart Duncan-f; John Reischman-m; Rob Ickes-db; Gene Libbea-bs
Vocals:Kate MacKenzie-L; Glen Zankey-B
3. IBMA membership public service announcementDel McCoury 0:34
2. SawdustGordons 2:36
Composer:Noah Gordon-Louie Parker; Music of C and P, BMI
Instruments:Gary Gordon-g; Roberta Gordon-autoharp; Bill Cross-bj; David Johnson-f; Mark Stoffel-m; Curtis Jay Hiner-bs
Vocals:Gary Gordon-L; Roberta Gordon-H; Noah Gordon-H
1. Sword in my handJoe Isaacs, Family & Friends 2:26
Composer:Joe Isaacs; Isaacs Family Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Joe Isaacs-bj; Sonya Isaacs-m; Ben Isaacs-bs; John Bowman-lead g/rhythm g; Vernon Derrick-f
Vocals:Joe Isaacs-L; Sonya Isaacs-HB; David Marshall-T