Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 27

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 027
Release Date:1997-05-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Dilly's breakdownDerek Dillman 2:08
Composer:Derek Dillman
2. Mountain manBluegrass Patriots 2:36
Composer:A. L. Wood; Zap Publishing, BMI
3. If you're ever gonna love meAllen Shadd 3:01
Composer:Leroy Mack-Buck Graves; Laredo Publishing, BMI
4. All the old men are gonePam Gadd 3:39
Composer:Pam Gadd; Home Sweet Highway Music, BMI
5. It's never really overLarry Ford 3:34
Composer:Pete Goble; BrandyKeg Music, BMI
6. Big MonPhil Leadbetter 3:25
Composer:Bill Monroe; Unichappell Music/Trio Music, BMI
7. Game of chaseCrucial Smith 3:25
Composer:Tim May; Mea Culpa Music, BMI/ASCAP
8. Preacher LaneRandall Hylton 2:54
Composer:Merle Travis; Warner-Chappell, BMI
9. Pretty women, fast horsesGary Brewer & the Kentucky Ramblers 2:23
Composer:C. R. Wilson, arr. Gary Brewer, BMI
10. I saw the lightTim Surrett, Karen Peck Gooch & Steve Gulley
Composer:Hank Williams; Acuff-Rose, BMI
10. Shouting on the hills of gloryTim Surrett, Karen Peck Gooch & Steve Gulley 3:14
Composer:Ralph Stanley; La-Car Publishing, BMI
10. Somebody touched meTim Surrett, Karen Peck Gooch & Steve Gulley
Composer:Bill Monroe-Donnie Harold; Champion Music, BMI
11. Grapes on the vineBill & Bonnie Hearne 3:13
Composer:Steve Gillette-Charles John Quanto; Ensign Music/T
12. Modern day hoboChad Cline 2:35
Composer:Tommy Lee Duncan-Eric Cline; Lucky Dog Publishing,