Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 28

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 028
Release Date:1997-07-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. IBMA membership PSAJerry Douglas 1:13
Vocals:Jerry Douglas-V
2. The sunny side of lifeThe Isaacs 2:34
Instruments:Sonya Isaacs Surrett-m; Becky Isaacs Bowman-g; Joe Isaacs-bj; Ben Isaacs-sb; John Bowman-f; Tim Surrett-db
Vocals:Sonya Isaacs Surrett-L; Becky Isaacs Bowman-H; Lily Isaacs-H; Ben Isaacs-H
3. No gold on the highwayWhite Water 2:51
Composer:Brad Davis; Brad Davis Music, BMI
Instruments:Brad Davis-g; Greg Davis-bj; Sam Bush-m; Roy Husky, Jr.-sb
Vocals:Brad Davis-L; Greg Davis-B; Junior Sturdivant-T
4. Thy burdens are greater than mineGordons 2:51
Composer:Pee Wee King-Redd Stewart; Fort Knox Music/Trio Mu
Instruments:Roberta Gordon-autoharp; Gary Gordon-g; Bill Cross-bj; David Johnson-f; Katsuyuki Miyazaki-m Curtis Jay Hiner-sb
Vocals:Roberta Gordon-V; Gary Gordon-V
5. BattlefieldNew Horizon 3:35
Instruments:Jeff Tolbert-g/f/m/bs
Vocals:Tim Graves-L; Jennifer Hale-T; Dewayne Light-B; Lyndon Shelton-BS
6. Out on my ownBluegrass Mountaineers 2:26
Composer:Edward Efaw; Top O'Holston, BMI
Instruments:Larry Efaw-m; Edward Efaw-g; Chris Smith-bj; Billy Rose-lead g; Billy Borton-f; Jeff Bailey-bs
Vocals:Larry Efaw-L; Chris Smith-T; Billy Rose-B; Edward Efaw-BS
7. River of sorrowHigh Plains Tradition 3:41
Composer:Chuck Tinsley; High Plains Tradition Music, BMI
Instruments:Chuck Tinsley-g; Doug Elrick-m; Dan Carter-bj; Kenny Pabst-bs
Vocals:Chuck Tinsley-L; Kenny Pabst-T; Doug Elrick-HB
8. Eighteen years agoKentucky Blue 2:52
Composer:Wesley & Pam Maynard; BMI
Instruments:Frank Kemper-g; Dave Cottrell-bj; Martin Harley-f; Ron Mobley-m; Alan Phelps-db; Laurie Cottrell-bs
Vocals:Frank Kemper-L/HC; Dave Cottrell-LC
9. Hold fast to the rightNew Horizon 2:23
Instruments:Mike Riddle-g; Jeff Tolbert-f/bs
Vocals:Jennifer Hale-L; Tim Graves-T; Dewayne Light-B; Lyndon Shelton-BS