Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 29

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 029
Release Date:1997-09-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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7. Movin' through meW. C. Taylor, Jr. 4:02
Composer:Dennis James-Jim Rorie-Jerry Ward; Jim Rorie Music
Instruments:Bobby All-rhythm g; Kelly Back-lead g; Scott Sanders-db; Jerry Kroon-percussion; Dirk Johnson-piano; David Smith-electric bs
Vocals:W.C. Taylor, Jr.-L; Marsha Skorik-H
6. Secret windsThe Fritts Family 3:14
Composer:Larry Fritts-Jim Bowman; BMI
Instruments:Jeremy Fritts-g; Larry Fritts-bj; Joshua Fritts-m; Geoffrey Fritts-bs
Vocals:Sarah Fritts-L
5. Welcome to the promised landThe Cockman Family 2:49
Composer:John Cockman, Jr.; Cockman Family Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Billy Cockman-bj; David Cockman-bs; Ben Cockman-m; John Cockman-f; John Cockman, Sr.-g
Vocals:Billy Cockman-L; Caroline Cockman-T; David Cockman-B; Ben Cockman-B; John Cockman-BS
4. Turn it over to JesusFirst Impression 3:10
Composer:Howard Lockhart; BMI
Instruments:Dwight Murdy-g; Alan Strickland-bj; Jennifer Strickland-bs; Roger Brown-m
Vocals:Dwight Murdy-L; Alan Strickland-T; Jennifer Strickland-HB
3. Bean Blossom memoriesJames Monroe 2:59
Composer:Damon Black; Bill Monroe Music, BMI
Instruments:James Monroe-g; Vic Jordan-bj; Buddy Spicher-f; Alan Phelps-db; David Spicher-bs
Vocals:James Monroe-L; Alan O'Bryant-T
2. Dim lights, thick smokeDavid Nance 3:58
Composer:Joe Maphis-Max Fidler-Rose Lee Maphis; Comet Music
Instruments:David Nance-db; Rick Allred-m; Scott Hancock-g; Jim Mills-bj; Tim Smith-f; Darren Moore-bs
Vocals:David Nance-L/T; Rick Allred-B
1. If I could go back home againRichard Bennett 2:50
Composer:Richard E. Bennett-Wanda Barnett Bennett; Indian G
Instruments:Richard Bennett-g; Jerome Webb-m; Phil Leadbetter-db; Mark Brooks-bs
Vocals:Richard Bennett-L; Wanda Barnett Bennett-H