Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 30

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 030
Release Date:1997-11-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Bill Monroe for breakfastTom T. Hall 2:20
Composer:Tom T. Hall; Hallnote Music, BMI
Instruments:Bobby All-g; Jeff Gilkinson-bj; Robert Bowlin-f/m; Tommy White-db; Viktor Krauss-bs; Tom Roady-percussion
Vocals:Tom T. Hall-L; Jim Ferguson-H
2. Feel good dayContinental Divide 2:52
Composer:Linda Buell-Eric Zanetis; Eric Zanetis Music, BMI
Instruments:David Parmley-g; Scott Vestal-bj; Rickie Simpkins-f/m; Randy Kohrs-db; Mike Anglin-bs
Vocals:David Parmley-L; Scott Vestal-H; Rickie Simpkins-H; Randy Kohrs-H
3. The birthday of our KingLarry Sparks 2:25
Composer:Bill Castle; Yonder Hills Music, BMI
Instruments:Larry Sparks-g; Scott Napier-m; Tim Caudill-bs
Vocals:Larry Sparks-L/H
4. I still carry you aroundSteve Earle & the Del McCoury Band 2:46
Composer:Steve Earle; South Nashville Music/WB Music, ASCAP
Instruments:Steve Earle-g; Del McCoury-g; Ronnie McCoury-m; Rob McCoury-bj; Jason Carter-f; Mike Bub-sb
Vocals:Steve Earle-L; Del McCoury-T; Ronnie McCoury-HB
5. Soldier's joyMark O'Connor 4:07
Composer:Traditional; arr. Mark O'Connor
Instruments:Mark O'Connor-f; Russ Barenberg-g; Jerry Douglas-db; Mark Schatz-bj/bs; John Jarvis-keyboards
6. Oh lonesome youBreakaway 3:00
Composer:J. O'Hara-K. Kane; Cross Keys Publishing Co.
Instruments:Andy Sacher-m; Andy Greene-g; Peter Riley-bs; Scott Hopkins-bj; Gene White, Jr.-f
Vocals:Andy Sacher-L; Andy Greene-H; Peter Riley-H
7. My country homeIdle Time 3:28
Composer:Yates Greene; BMI
Instruments:Bill Warren-g; Angie Warren-bs; Russell Loudermilk-m; John Treadway-bj
Vocals:Bill Warren-L; Angie Warren-T; Russell Loudermilk-B
8. Little strangerThe Rochesters 2:21
Composer:Lowell Lundstrom
Instruments:Ben Rochester-m; David Johnson-g; Tim Surrett-bs
Vocals:Ben Rochester-L/H; Becky Rochester Matthews-H
9. Big countryEdgar Meyer, B?la Fleck, Mike Marshall 4:04
Composer:Bela Fleck; Fleck Music/Bug Music, BMI
Instruments:Béla Fleck-bj; Edgar Meyer-sb; Mike Marshall-g
10. Local flowersTom T. Hall 3:38
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; Hallnote Music, BMI
Instruments:Tom T. Hall-autoharp; Bobby All-g; Robert Bowlin-f; Tommy White-slide g; Jeff Gilkinson-cello; Tom Roady-percussion; Jim Ferguson-bs
Vocals:Tom T. Hall-L
11. When Jesus comes in the cloudsNew Horizon 1:32
Composer:Allan Frazier; Tennessee Music & Printing Co.
Instruments:Mike Riddle-g; Jeff Tolbert-m/bs
Vocals:Tim Graves-L; Jennifer Hale-T; Dewayne Light-B; Lyndon Shelton-BS
12. Listen to them runW. C. Taylor, Jr. 2:01
Composer:W.C. Taylor, Jr.; Hardy Station Publishing, BMI
Place:Hilltop Recordings Studios, Nashville, Tenn.
Instruments:Bobby All-acoustic g; Greg Gailbraith-electric g; Scott Sanders-db; Aubrey Haynie-f/m; Jerry Kroon-percussion; David Smith-bs
Vocals:W.C. Taylor, Jr.-L