Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 34

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 034
Release Date:1998-07-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Blue heartachePaul Craft 2:52
Composer:Paul Craft; Lizzie Lou Music, BMI
Instruments:Jeff White-g; Scott Vestal-bj; Randy Howard-f/m; Rob Ickes-db; Roy Huskey, Jr.-sb; Larry Atamanuik-percussion
Vocals:Paul Craft-L; Charlie Sizemore-T; Gail Davies-HB
2. Follow your heart back homeChris Jones 2:38
Composer:Chris Jones-Harley Allen; Gal Sal Music/Island Bound Music
Instruments:Chris Jones-g; Stuart Duncan-f; Wayne Benson-m; Rob Ickes-db; Darrin Vincent-bs
Vocals:Chris Jones-L; Sally Jones-HB; Darrin Vincent-T
3. The beautiful river of lifeTom T. Hall 2:08
Composer:Dixie & Tom T. Hall; Hallnote Music, BMI
Instruments:Bobby All-g; Jeff Gilkinson-bj; Robert Bowlin-f; Tommy White-db; Tom Roady-percussion; Jim Ferguson-bs
Vocals:Tom T. Hall-L; Jim Ferguson-H
4. The end of timeJosh Williams & High Gear 3:23
Composer:Tim Harmon; Mountain Empire Music, BMI
Instruments:Tim Harmon-m; David Oliver-g; Josh Williams-bj/lead g/m; Ron Barnett-bs
Vocals:Tim Harmon-L; David Oliver-B; Josh Williams-T; Ron Barnett-BS
5. King WilkieButch Baldassari 3:30
Composer:Butch Baldassari; Slocum Hollow Songs, BMI
Instruments:Butch Baldassari-m; Kenny Smith-g; Steve Huber-bj; Randy Howard-f; Missy Raines-sb
6. How long has it beenThe Rochesters 3:32
Composer:Craig Edwards; Rock Alter Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Ben Rochester-g; David Johnson-f; Adam Steffey-m; Tim Surrett-db/bs
Vocals:Ben Rochester-L/T; Becky Mathews-S; Joyce Rochester-A; Harold Rochester-BS
7. Once upon a timeDog Run Boys 2:43
Composer:Rick Malis-Bernie Cunningham
Instruments:Bernie Cunningham-m; Rick Malis-g; Don Shean-bj; Ted Sohier-bs
Vocals:Bernie Cunningham-L; Rick Malis-T; Ted Sohier-B
8. They've laid the Master downBoys from Middle Creek 4:19
Composer:Denver Mullins; Kazee Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Don Stanley-g; Denver Mullins-m; Zyndall Adams-bj; Art Stamper-f; Josh Stanley-sb
Vocals:Don Stanley-L; Denver Mullins-T; Zyndall Adams-B
9. CycloneBob Haydon 4:40
Composer:Bob Haydon; Careless Heart Music, BMI
Instruments:Bob Haydon-bj; Steve Kaufman-lead g; David Peters-rhythm g; Reggie Rueffer-f; Andy Owens-m; Mike Auldridge-db; Mark Abbott-sb
10. Heaven bornNew Horizon 2:30
Composer:Dan Drummond
Instruments:Kenny Smith-g; Mark Fain-sb; Jeff Tolbert-bj/f/m
Vocals:Jennifer Hale-L; DeWayne Light-T; Ronald Hale-B; Jamie Akin-BS
11. Lady of my dreamsLimited Edition 3:14
Composer:Ferrill Nottingham
Instruments:Rick McCarty-g; Dave Garrett-m; Dan Garrett-bj; Chet Hogan-db; Jim Meadors-bs
Vocals:Dave Garrett-L; Dan Garrett-T
12. Pecos windHickory Hill 3:53
Composer:Jimmy Godwin; BMI
Instruments:John Early-g; Ronny Singley-m; Don Eaves-bj; Jimmy Godwin-g; Bob Stegall-bs
Vocals:John Early-L; Ronny Singley-T; Don Eaves-B