Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 39

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 039
Release Date:1999-05-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Lorena, go homeWildwood Valley Boys 2:05
Composer:Charlie Moore-Henry Dockery; Ralph's Radio Music, BMI
Instruments:Tony Holt-g; Jeff Holt-m; Harlan Gabbard-db; Wes Vanderpool-bj; Gerald Evans, Jr.-f; Glenn Inman-bs
Vocals:Tony Holt-L; Jeff Holt-T; Harlan Gabbard-B
2. Journey on believerWild & Blue 3:33
Composer:Terri Corker-Katie Brooks; Songs of Crossfield, BMI
Instruments:David Harvey-lead g; Bryan Sutton-g; Mark Fain-sb; Jan Harvey-percussion
Vocals:Jan Harvey-L; Jill Snider-T; David Harvey-B
3. Where smoke goes up (& the money goes down)Karl Shiflett & the Big Country Show 3:28
Composer:Monroe Fields; Monroe Fields Music, BMI
Instruments:Karl Shiflett-g; Lyle Meador-m; Jake Jenkins-bj; Kirk Brandenberger-f; Kris Shiflett-sb
Vocals:Karl Shiflett-L; Lyle Meador-T; Jake Jenkins-HB
4. Love will keep us aliveJimmy Bowen & Santa Fe 3:03
Composer:James Capaldi-Paul Carrack-Peter Benson; Vale/Plangent Visio
Instruments:Jimmy Bowen-m; Gary Reece-bj; Daniel Edmonds-g; Ronnie Stewart-f; John Pennell-sb
Vocals:Jimmy Bowen-L; Gary Reece-LT; Daniel Edmonds-HB
5. Stone coal West VirginiaDave Evans & River Bend 2:56
Composer:Dave Evans
Instruments:Dave Evans-lead g/bj; Ray Craft-g; Randy Thomas-m; Gerald Evans-f; Clancy Fields-bs
Vocals:Dave Evans-L
6. Fighting IrishmanBull Harman 2:48
Composer:Bull Harman; Bullmeister Melodies, BMI
Instruments:Bull Harmon-g; Bob Black-bj; Alison Krauss-f; Cecil Tinnon-m; Rob McDonnell-sb
7. Prodigal sonNew Tradition 3:49
Composer:Daryl Mosely; Pisgah Ridge Music, BMI
Instruments:Jamie Clifton-g; Aaron McDaris-bj; Ronnie Stewart-f; Danny Roberts-m; Daryl Mosely-bs
Vocals:Daryl Mosely-L; Jamie Clifton-T; Aaron McDaris-B
8. WingsKathy Kallick Band 2:30
Composer:Kathy Kallick; Red Shirt Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Kathy Kallick-g; Amy Stenberg-sb; Avram Siegel-finger-style g; Tom Bekeny-m
Vocals:Kathy Kallick-L; Amy Stenberg-T; Avram Siegel-B; Tom Bekeny-BS
9. Ookpik waltzSteve Kaufman 3:43
Composer:P.D., arr Steve Kaufman
Instruments:Steve Kaufman-g/m/sb
10. Fast ride to the RioDry River Boys 3:00
Composer:Kevin Elias
Instruments:Joe Teichroeb-g; Calvin Klassen-bs; Alvin Elias-bj; Kevin Elias-m
Vocals:Joe Teichroeb-L; Calvin Klassen-T; Alvin Elias-B
11. How's your heart?Clay County 4:16
Composer:Susan Nikas-Clay County
Instruments:Susan Nikas-g; Dennis Caplinger-f/db; Frank Abrahams-m; Jim Logue-bs
Vocals:Susan Nikas-L/HB; Jim Dawson-T
12. Doggin' the bluesDave Evans & River Bend 2:37
Composer:Dave Evans
Instruments:Dave Evans-bj; Gerald Evans-f/m; Tracy Evans-g; Matt Malich-db; Clancy Fields-sb
Vocals:Dave Evans-L; Gerald Evans-B
13. Sticky situationMoron Brothers 2:47
Composer:Mike Carr-Mike Hammonds; Bo-An Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Mike "Lardo Moron" Carr-bj; Mike "Burley Moron" Hammonds-g; Mike Deweese-bs
Vocals:Mike Carr-V; Mike Hammonds-V