The early years. Volume 2

Good Shepherd Quartet

Label:No label GSQ 20082
Release Date:2008
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. I feel myself slipping away
A-2. Blessed Jesus loves you too
A-3. What do you think of Jesus
A-4. Help me Lord
A-5. Sunset is coming but the sunrise we'll see
A-6. Rock my soul
A-7. Joshua led God's children
A-8. Just a veil between
A-9. There's much to do for Him
A-10. A lot of Heaven
A-11. The river we must cross
A-12. Springtime in Heaven
A-13. If you believe
A-14. Mother's Bible
A-15. Holy manna
A-16. Let my people go
A-17. Sleeping brother
A-18. You better be somewhere praying
A-19. I need Jesus
A-20. I shall know as I'm known
B-1. Take you harp from the willow
B-2. This life
B-3. Working for a robe and a crown
B-4. I want to go home
B-5. O Jerusalem fair
B-6. When God's chariot comes
B-7. Hallelujah, what a day!
B-8. That clock is ticking
B-9. Heartfelt religion
B-10. Let me die easy Lord
B-11. Come on, dear Lord and get me
B-12. Pay me a visit
B-13. I'll see you there
B-14. Rocked on the deep
B-15. I want to be faithful
B-16. Crossing over Jordan
B-17. Looking beyond the river
B-18. The Lord needs workers
B-19. We should walk together
B-20. I've made a covenant
B-21. Be not afraid
B-22. I will lay my burdens down