The early years. Volume 1

Good Shepherd Quartet

Label:No label GSQ 20081
Release Date:2008
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Keep moving along
A-2. Go down to the Jordan
A-3. Message of His coming
A-4. Shouting time in Heaven
A-5. Final judgment is coming
A-6. They tell me
A-7. Master of Galilee
A-8. God sent an angel
A-9. The Lord is my shepherd
A-10. Hiding from the storm outside
A-11. Echoes from the burning bush
A-12. Till my Lord calls
A-13. He searched for me
A-14. I've a mansion over in glory
A-15. I want to go where Jesus is
A-16. I thank thee for them all
A-17. This world is not my home
A-18. I need my Savior all the time
A-19. Lonely river
A-20. We're living for Jesus
A-21. By the side of the road
A-22. I am glad
B-1. Go right out
B-2. I know I'll feel at home
B-3. Daniel's victory
B-4. Draw me near Lord
B-5. God's gentle people
B-6. God takes care of His people
B-7. Yes, I'll be there
B-8. Who'll sing for me
B-9. I'm gonna see Heaven
B-10. We need the light
B-11. Jonah
B-12. At the glory dawn
B-13. Going on home
B-14. The place waiting for me
B-15. Lord I'd like to know that I have you
B-16. Never know
B-17. Jesus gives me gladness
B-18. Woman at the well
B-19. Too sacred for mortal eyes to see
B-20. Tis stamped upon my soul
B-21. The cabin on the hill
B-22. Come and see me