The early years. Volume 3

Good Shepherd Quartet

Label:No label GSQ 20083
Release Date:2008
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. They have gone away
A-2. You're gonna pay for what you do
A-3. Voice calling me
A-4. Zacchaeus come down
A-5. Waiting for the boatman
A-6. I'll be there
A-7. Heaven awaits
A-8. The Lord in mercy pardon me
A-9. Trust in Jesus
A-10. Bend away down low
A-11. Climb a little higher
A-12. Are you throwing stones at others
A-13. Tell it everywhere you go
A-14. Well done, my child
A-15. I want a religion I can feel
A-16. If you don't change your living
A-17. When they ring the bells of Heaven
A-18. There's a crown awaiting me
A-19. Only one more river
A-20. Salvation has been brought down
A-21. Who rolled the stone away
A-22. What did you do
A-23. Come on reapers
B-1. Shake the Master's hand
B-2. A soldier of the cross
B-3. We'll reap what we sow
B-4. There's a light guiding me
B-5. Just let me slip away
B-6. When I got saved
B-7. Home is past the shadows
B-8. Sailing on the waves of glory
B-9. Since I put my feet on the solid ground
B-10. I mean to reach the other side
B-11. Traveling through a weary land
B-12. I've heard of a rock
B-13. We shall understand
B-14. He made a way for me
B-15. Give them the flowers while they live
B-16. It made a lot of difference
B-17. Oh listen
B-18. Won't that be a happy time
B-19. The rock of all ages
B-20. I'll understand it by and by
B-21. Oh what a morning
B-22. Everywhere I go and everything I do