The early years. Volume 4

Good Shepherd Quartet

Label:No label GSQ 20084
Release Date:2008
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Keep the song wave rolling on
A-2. A cloud received Him from their sight
A-3. Guided by love
A-4. God's got His eyes on you
A-5. Alone in the garden
A-6. I am only rehearsing
A-7. Living with Jesus
A-8. Not far, not far
A-9. I shall be glad and free
A-10. His hand reached down
A-11. Now the old time religion is mine
A-12. Singing through life
A-13. Be a loyal worker
A-14. The pleasures of Heaven are mine
A-15. Have you ever met Him
A-16. Somebody called my name
A-17. The Savior arose
A-18. You got to get right (if you would win)
A-19. Oh let us plant some roses too
A-20. When He lights up His glory
A-21. Travel on
B-1. Waiting for the day of jubilee
B-2. Our many sins to hide
B-3. I'm waiting the call
B-4. Another soul you might help win
B-5. Gonna move
B-6. Gotta keep on movin'
B-7. Come along with me
B-8. Living alone with Jesus
B-9. This old world is full of trouble
B-10. I want to be in that number
B-11. I read it in the Book of Revelation
B-12. Handwriting on the wall
B-13. Jesus keeps me happy
B-14. Send me
B-15. He pardoned me
B-16. Little David will play
B-17. How poor this world would be
B-18. Another friend is gone
B-19. I'm a debtor I know
B-20. Don't be a Jonah