The boys in hats & ties

Big Country Bluegrass

Label:Rebel REB CD 1838
Release Date:2010-10
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2011-03
County Sales:#308
   Amazon ASIN: B004BGJXFW
   Google Play: Bv5pob2kyaasr6hjyq5kjam7j7u

Song Information:

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1. The boys in hats & ties
2. All the way to nothing
3. Black Mountain special
4. Music for the soul
5. Prodigal 5
6. The first rose
7. Pages of time
8. Lonely old man
9. Top hat ramble
10. You don't have far to go
11. Yesterday I didn't know
12. Foggy old London
13. Wreck on the highway
14. Rendezvous
15. I'm gonna walk the streets of gold