Bluegrass gospel

Curly Seckler & Willis Spears

Label:Rich-R-Tone LP 8133
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Sing sing sing2:20
A-2. I'll never be lonesome again2:24
A-3. Get in line brother2:54
A-4. Valley of peace2:25
A-5. You can feel it in your soul2:25
A-6. Bouquet in heaven2:45
B-1. Building on sand2:16
B-2. Remember the cross2:25
B-3. Where will I shelter my sheep2:17
B-4. Take me in the life boat2:57
B-5. Jesus savior pilot me2:41
B-6. Let the church roll on1:52
B-7. I'd like to have Papa show me around2:46