State of depression

Travers Chandler & Avery County

Label:Patuxent CD 212
Release Date:2010
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2011-05
County Sales:#311
   Amazon ASIN: B004N6W25I

Song Information:

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1. Black dust fever3:56
2. Mary of the homeplace2:34
3. Cotton farmer2:36
4. Little sister throw your red shoes away3:16
5. Lonesome smokey4:08
6. State of depression3:46
7. Nobody cares for me2:49
8. Too deep in heartaches2:40
9. Stoned at the juke box3:16
10. Mother's prayers were not in vain2:13
11. Let me fall2:12
12. Have you come to say goodbye?1:52
13. Mandolin tango1:59