A crooked road

Darrell Scott

Label:Full Light FLR 1005
Release Date:2010-05-25
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B003FUZMXM

Song Information:

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A-1. A crooked road4:11
A-2. The day before Thanksgiving4:16
A-3. Long wide open road5:01
A-4. Alton air0:32
A-5. A father's song3:51
A-6. Take me back to yesterday4:02
A-7. Pester Lester1:28
A-8. Candles in the rain (Childless mothers)4:20
A-9. For Suzanne4:26
A-10. The open door4:07
B-1. Love's not through with me yet4:59
B-2. Colorado6:17
B-3. Where the spirit meets the bone4:37
B-4. Some other time0:53
B-5. Snow queen and drama llama4:51
B-6. Tonight I'm missing you4:28
B-7. Oh sweet longing6:53
B-8. Willow Creek2:01
B-9. This time 'round3:44
B-10. This beggar's heart4:53