Plain & simple a cappella

Good Shepherd Quartet

Label:No label GSQ 20102
Release Date:2010
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2011-12
County Sales:#309

Song Information:

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1. All God's children gonna take a ride1:48
2. My Jesus is real2:12
3. I love my Savior too2:06
4. I heard from Heaven2:39
5. Gonna row my boat2:21
6. I think I'll go back home2:34
7. You've been a good neighbor2:22
8. Now I lay me down to sleep3:18
9. I'm a happy pilgrim2:09
10. Heaven is not so far away2:09
11. Looking down upon the sunrise3:16
12. Just a rose2:27
13. The place prepared for me2:30
14. I will never move again2:25
15. Lights of home2:56