Battle of New Orleans

Buddy Starcher

Label:BACM BACM 311
Release Date:2010
Country:United Kingdom
County Sales:#309

Song Information:

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18. Beyond the sunset
17. Walk lightly, you're stepping on my heart
16. New wildwood flower
15. Isn't He wonderful
14. I planted a rose
13. They say
12. Wildwood flower
11. In memory of Halloween
10. You can't break the chains of love
9. I will miss you tonight
8. Fire in my heart will be downed out with tears
7. Bless your little heart
6. I won't worry, I won't care
5. Song of the waterwheel
4. It's risky to be gone so long
3. A faded rose, a broken heart
2. Don't call no more
1. I was cryin' then but you are crying now