Just me & my fiddle

Benny Martin

Label:BACM CD D 298
Release Date:2010
Country:United States
County Sales:#308

Song Information:

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25. My fortune
24. Border baby
23. That's what I'll do to you
22. Little darlin' give me one more chance
21. Top gun
20. Goin' down the road
19. To cry the blues each day
18. By the law of my heart
17. Coming attractions
16. I'm checkin' out
15. Girls, girls
14. Tryin' to chase these blues away
13. The thirteenth of May
12. Hoebe Snow
11. Do me a favour
10. You're guilty darlin'
9. If I didn't have a conscience
8. I'm right and you're wrong
7. Yes it's true
6. Who put those tears in your eyes
5. Take my word
4. If I can stay away long enough
3. Untrue you
2. So blue to cry
1. Just me and my fiddle