Bluegrass from the Blue Ridge

Various artists

Label:Smithsonian Folkways FW 03832
Release Date:2010-11-30
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Fly around my pretty little missWade Ward & Glen Smith
2. Walkin' in the parlorWade Ward & Glen Smith
3. Jenny put the kettle onWilliam Marshall & Glen Smith
4. Soldier's joyWade Ward & Glen Smith
5. Sally Goodin'Wade Ward & Glen Smith
6. John Lover is goneWade Ward & Glen Smith
7. CindyWilliam Marshall & Glen Smith
8. Sally AnnWade Ward & Glen Smith
9. Don't let your deal go downWade & Fields Ward, Glen Smith
10. Ragtime AnnieWade Ward & Glen Smith
11. Paddy on the turnpikeUncle Charlie Higgins, Cliff Caraco & Kelly Lundy
12. Skip to my LouSpud Gravely & Glen Smith
13. John HardyWade & Fields Ward, Glen Smith
14. Cotton eyed JoeSpud Gravely & Glen Smith
15. Train on the islandWade & Fields Ward, Glen Smith
16. Eighth day of JanuaryBruce Mastin, Kyle Cole & Dale Poe
17. Jesse JamesWade & Fields Ward, Glen Smith
18. Walkin' in my sleepThe Bluegrass Buddies
19. Banks of the OhioGlen Neaves, Jessie Neaves, & Ted Lundy
20. Old Joe ClarkThe Bluegrass Buddies