Goodbye to an angel

California Ramblers

Label:No label No #
Release Date:2010
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2011-04

Song Information:

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1. A few more seasons2:56
Composer:Ralph Stanley
2. Crying holy unto the Lord2:11
Composer:Bill Monroe
3. Goodbye to an angel3:28
Composer:Ronnie McCoury
4. Let's all go down to the river2:03
Composer:S. Richard-E. Montgomery
5. Journey's end3:01
Composer:Peter Kuykendall
6. Cold grey tomb of stone2:35
Composer:Hank Williams, Sr.
7. God loves His children2:39
8. Tonight I'll die a sinner's death3:16
Composer:Roy Acuff
9. Still missin' you3:02
Composer:Joey Tippett
10. Visit my grave when I'm gone2:38
Composer:Joey Tippett
11. We'll pay the price3:03
Composer:Joey Tippett
12. The last days2:46
Composer:Barbra Bauserman