Bridges : the music of Boyd Deering with Jim & Inge Wood

Boyd Deering, with Jim & Inge Wood

Label:Marma Music MM 6841
Release Date:2010
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2011-05
County Sales:#311
   Google Play: Bln6d6vakwawhh6emaw2hfibh6y

Song Information:

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1. Little jewel3:33
2. Shotgun Charlie3:33
3. Uncle Riley's last sermon2:55
4. Snowfall on clover3:26
5. Lafayette2:38
6. Good morning2:59
7. Boomerang3:25
8. John Lewis Hollow2:41
9. Christmas Eve3:54
10. Going to Kentucky2:48
11. The end of time4:18
12. Puppy dog haircut2:18