Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 45

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 045
Release Date:2000-05-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Don't turn backDavid Johnson 2:58
Composer:David Johnson; Pisgah Ridge Music, BMI
Instruments:David Johnson-g/bj/f/m/db/bs
Vocals:David Johnson-L; Tim Surrett-H
2. One way trackJenny Lester 2:22
Composer:Jenny Lester; SOCAN, BMI
Instruments:Jenny Lester-g; John Reischman-m; Nick Hornbuckle-bj; Byron Myrhe-f; Paul Bergman-bs
Vocals:Jenny Lester-L; Koralee Tonack-T; John Reischman-B
3. Carry me across the mountainDan Tyminski 2:32
Composer:John Pennell-Jeff White-Billy Smith; Solargrass Music, BMI
Instruments:Dan Tyminski-g; Alison Krauss-f; Ron Block-bj; Adam Steffey-m; Jerry Douglas-db; Barry Bales-sb
Vocals:Dan Tyminski-L; Alison Krauss-T
4. Take me in your lifeboatJohn Bowman 2:49
Composer:F. Southern; Joe Davis Pub., ASCAP
Instruments:John Bowman-g; Marc Pruett-bj; Adam Steffey-m; Barry Bales-sb
Vocals:John Bowman-L
5. Big ol' trainValerie Smith 2:39
Composer:Kimmie Rhodes-Bob Regan; Irving Music/BMG Songs/Sierra Home
Instruments:Jim Hurst-g; Allen Watkins-bj; Andy Leftwich-f; Gene Libbea-sb
Vocals:Valerie Smith-L; Sheila Wingate-H; Travis Alltop-H
6. Escape from TaiwanJohnny Staats Project 4:55
Composer:Johnny Staats; Sony ATV, BMI
Instruments:Johnny Staats-m; Jim Hurst-g; John Cowan-bs
7. Mama's dreamViolet Long 2:58
Composer:Vernon & Virginia Long; Triple V Ozark Mtn. Music, BMI
Instruments:Robert Bowlin-g/f/bs; Bobby Clark-m
Vocals:Violet Long-L
8. Heaven's fair landNew Road 2:10
Composer:Mona Ramsey; Eastern V, BMI
Instruments:Randall Massengill-g; Stuart Wyrick-bj; Mike Ramsey-m; Jeff Tolbert-f; Vic Graves-db; Scott Payne-bs
Vocals:Randall Massengill-L; Stuart Wyrick-H; Mike Ramsey-H
9. Ghost of a loveLonnie Hoppers & New Union 2:59
Composer:Ray Cline; Acoustic New Music, BMI
Instruments:Bob Lovett-g; Lonnie Hoppers-bj; Jamie Haage-f; D. G. Lynch-m; Marlon-bs
Vocals:Bob Lovett-L; Lonnie Hoppers-T; Jamie Haage-B
10. Heaven's front doorSummer Church 2:56
Composer:Wes Knox; Walkin' On Water Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Wes Knox-g; Pete Lorentz-bs; Tom Macomber-bj; Vidal Hulbert-f
Vocals:Wes Knox-L; Pete Lorentz-T; Joe Savino-B
11. You can't take it with you when you goJohnny Staats Project 3:22
Composer:Larry Cordle-Larry Shell-Bert Colwell; Universal-Polygram
Instruments:Johnny Staats-m; Tim O'Brien-f; Jim Hurst-g; Scott Vestal-bj; John Cowan-bs
Vocals:Johnny Staats-L; Jon Randall-T; Tim O'Brien-B
12. I believeLimited Edition 2:13
Composer:Dave Marshall; New Rome Music, BMI
Instruments:Dan Garrett-bj; Rick McCarty-g; Dave Garrett-m; Chet Hogue-db; Jim Meadors-bs
Vocals:Dan Garrett-L; Rick McCarty-T; Dave Garrett-B
13. Walking home with youViolet Long 2:50
Composer:Vernon & Virginia Long; Triple V. Ozark Mtn. Music, BMI
Instruments:Robert Bowlin-g/f; Blake Williams-bj/bs; Bobby Clark-m
Vocals:Violet Long-L