Snakes in the Grass

The Snakes in the Grass

Label:Reptile RR 1001
Release Date:1988
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Goin' up2:33
Composer:Vern Gosdin-Rex Gosdin
A-2. Tacoma rain4:02
Composer:Steve Kovsky
A-3. Jesus gave me water2:25
Composer:Lucy E. Campbell
A-4. Remington ride2:40
Composer:Herb Remington
A-5. You'll find her name written there3:24
Composer:Harold Hensley
A-6. Gone, gone, gone3:03
Composer:Chuck Smith
A-7. Sheriff of Kane County4:17
Composer:Frank Worman
B-1. Carolina darlin'2:58
Composer:Sam Pointer
B-2. Sad situation4:00
Composer:Chuck Smith
B-3. Outlaw3:24
Composer:Chuck Smith
B-4. Frank's train3:48
Composer:Frank Worman
B-5. Church in the valley3:36
B-6. Here's a health2:32