Heartache looking for a home

Charlie Sizemore

Label:Rounder 11661 0657 2
Release Date:2010-02-15
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2011-06
County Sales:#312
   Amazon ASIN: B004H0B0EE

Song Information:

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1. Down in the Quarter2:14
2. Red wicked wine2:38
3. No lawyers in Heaven3:01
4. Heartache looking for a home1:59
5. Feelin' like El Paso2:58
6. Slow goin'2:36
7. Walking the floor over me2:22
8. I don't remember loving you3:39
9. Poor rambler3:01
10. Ashley Judd2:06
11. Fords of Pittman2:48
12. Pay no attention to Alice3:16
13. Going to Georgia2:03
14. Crossing over into the valley2:46