Paper airplane

Alison Krauss & Union Station

Label:Rounder 0665
Release Date:2011-04-12
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2011-09

Song Information:

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11. My opening farewell4:10
Composer:Jackson Browne; Criterion Music-Open Window Music,
10. Bonita and Bill Butler4:03
Composer:Sidney Cox; Third Row Entertainment, BMI
9. Sinking stone4:43
Composer:Jeremy Lister; Meremy Lister Music, ASCAP
8. Miles to go2:54
Composer:Barry Bales-Chris Stapleton; Quackhead Music-House
7. On the outside looking in3:36
Composer:Tim O'Brien; Howdy Skies Music-Bash Music, ASCAP
6. Dimming of the day5:20
Composer:Richard Thompson; Beeswing Music, BMI
5. My love follows you where you go4:04
Composer:Lori McKenna-Barry Dean-Liz Rose; Bartytones, Univ
4. Lay my burdens down3:52
Composer:Aoife O'Donovan; Cosmic Seed Music, ASCAP
3. Lie awake3:56
Composer:Angel Snow-Viktor Krauss; Emmett Till Pub., Split
2. Dustbowl children3:07
Composer:Pete Rowan; Sea Lion Music, BMI
1. Paper airplane3:37
Composer:Robert Lee Castleman; Farm Use Only Music, BMI