When the wagon was new

Umy & the Goodtimers

Label:Goodtimes AV 1106
Release Date:197-?
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Bells of St. Mary
2. Go down Moses
3. There is a time
Composer:Dillard; Landsdown, ASCAP
4. Matthew twenty four
Composer:Wilkins-Christofferson; Buckhorn, BMI
5. One day at a time
6. The old country church
A-1. When the wagon was new
Composer:Purdue; Peer, BMI
A-2. Lonesome valley
A-3. Washington County
Composer:Baker; Wynwood, BMI
A-4. Intoxicated rat
A-5. Bury me beneath the willow
A-6. Getting ready to leave this world