Green light on the Southern

Norman Blake

Label:Plectraphone 824761-428121
Release Date:2011-01-18
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2011-05
County Sales:#312 ID: 6341628
   Google Play: Bvzaalz5kokvxxpgmw6md5xtf4i

Song Information:

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1. Roll on buddy3:50
2. Goodbye to the plains3:07
3. Little bunch of roses3:00
Composer:William H. Delehanty
4. The tramp2:54
5. Hawaiian mother o'mine3:23
Composer:Joe Davis-Roxanne Hampton
6. The old wooden rocker3:52
7. Railroading on the Great Divide2:54
Composer:Sara Carter Bayes
8. Steel guitar chimes3:54
9. Have no desire to roam3:08
Composer:James D. Vaughan-James Rowe
10. Green light on the Southern2:50
Composer:Norman Blake
11. Fifteen miles from Birmingham3:32
12. The wreck on the C&O3:59
13. He rambled4:01
Composer:Will Handy
14. Whistling Rufus1:50
15. Goodbye dear old stepstone4:59
Composer:A. J. Crider-George B. Chase
16. Bandit Cole Younger4:19
17. The new Spanish two step3:23