Fields of Caroline

Milford Station Bluegrass Band

Label:No label No #
Release Date:2010
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2011-05

Song Information:

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1. Doing my time
Composer:J. Skinner
2. Bringing Mary home
Composer:John Duffy-Joe Kingston
3. A heart that will never break again
Composer:Easter Brother
4. Sledd ridin'
5. God gave you to me
Composer:R. Stanley
6. Help me make it through the night
Composer:Kris Kristofferson
7. Sugar coated love
Composer:Audrey Butler
8. You win again
Composer:Hank Williams
9. Ridin' that midnight train
Composer:Ralph Stanley
10. Rose of old Kentucky
Composer:Bill Monroe
11. Send me your address from Heaven
Composer:John & Walter Bailes
12. The little white church
Composer:Eugene Wellman