Guitars galore / Battling banjos

Smith & Son

Label:Monument BZ 33861
Release Date:197-?
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Battling banjos polka2:36
Composer:Arthur Smith
A-2. Chicken strut2:04
Composer:Arthur Smith
A-3. Down yonder2:06
Composer:L.W. Gilbert
A-4. Nine string boogie2:35
Composer:Arthur Smith
A-5. Blue moon waltz2:21
Composer:Arthur Smith
A-6. Just joshin'2:00
Composer:B. Graves-E. Tullock
B-1. Feudin' banjos2:27
Composer:Arthur Smith
B-2. Black Mountain rag2:30
B-3. Banjo buster2:40
Composer:Arthur Smith
B-4. Foggy Mountain breakdown1:54
Composer:Earl Scruggs
B-5. Georgia camp meetin'2:02
B-6. Ringing banjos2:32
C-1. Guitar bounce2:30
Composer:Arthur Smith
C-2. Have a good day2:35
Composer:Arthur Smith
C-3. Don't let the stars get in your eyes2:10
Composer:Slim Willet
C-4. Will the circle be unbroken2:15
Composer:Charles Gabriel-Ada Habershon
C-5. I love you so much it hurts2:01
Composer:Floyd Tillman
D-1. Five theme thing2:08
Composer:Arthur Smith-Clay Smith
D-2. There'll be no teardrops tonight2:32
Composer:Hank Williams
D-3. Clay's song2:23
Composer:Arthur Smith-Clay Smith
D-4. Lovesick blues2:30
Composer:Irving Mills-Cliff Friend
D-5. Crazy2:53
Composer:Willie Nelson