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Country Gentlemen

Label:Folkways SL 5030-1-FW
Release Date:197-?

Song Information:

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1A-1. Roving gambler
1A-2. The little sparrow
1A-3. Drifting too far
1A-4. Weeping willow
1A-5. Tomorrow is my wedding day
1A-6. The story of Charlie Lawson
1A-7. Turkey Knob
1A-8. Paul and Silas
1B-1. Ellen Smith
1B-2. The long black veil
1B-3. Honky tonk rag
1B-4. Jesse James
1B-5. Have thine own way
1B-6. A good woman's love
1B-7. The double eagle
1B-8. Darling Alalee
2A-1. Handsome Molly
2A-2. Victim to the tomb
2A-3. Behind these prison walls of love
2A-4. Wear a red rose
2A-5. I'm coming back (but I don't know when)
2A-6. Southbound
2A-7. Come all ye tender hearted
2A-8. Standing in the need of prayer
2B-1. Train 45
2B-2. Little Bessie
2B-3. The fields have turned brown
2B-4. They're at rest together
2B-5. Strutting on the strings
2B-6. Remembrance of you
2B-7. Red rocking chair
2B-8. Will the circle be unbroken